You’ve written something that’s important, but does it make sense?

Joanne Weber – Writer, Proofreader

You’ve written something that’s important, a project at school or at work, a letter to your bank or to your landlord, an application to a government agency. You’ve passed your paper through a spell check and a grammar app. You’ve shown it to your neighbor, who knew some things back in the day. Your mother loves it. Your friends say it’s the best thing you’ve ever written. Check, check, and check. It’s grammatically correct and it sounds like you. Great! But, what does your supervisor or your client think of it? What kind of comments did you receive from your professor? Is your project doing the job, is it bringing you the results you want? If not, there are two possibilities: Your writing doesn’t make sense, or you’re not really saying anything. Strange as it seems, both are common scenarios. My name is Joanne Weber and I am a writing advocate. My goal is to break down the writing process, so that you can understand how to communicate effectively. My writing services go beyond grammar to help you explore the concepts and techniques of persuasive writing. We will explore such questions as: What is your purpose in writing this piece? Can your audience follow your argument—and by the way, did you think about your audience? And most of all, will they care? If your goal is to create a stellar business report or academic essay, to get into grad school or to land that dream job, a checklist won’t produce the desired results. By going beyond grammar, we make sure that your writing makes sense, and that you have created something worth reading.

My Services


Academic and Business Editing

A thorough review of the document; line editing with comments, including suggestions and models for revision.


Proof Reading

A thorough review of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and consistency.

Writing Workshops

Designed for groups of three or more; a heuristic method of examining a requested topic.

Writing Circles

Collaboration is the purpose of a writing circle, whether the participants are collaborating on one project, or seeking feedback on individual projects.

About Me

Everyone wants to be a writer, I was told by the English teacher who set me on this path at the age of seventeen. But writing, he said, is different. It takes discipline, it takes inquiry, and it takes mental stamina.

People ask me how I know so much about writing, sensing that it’s not something you learn in school. A life of writing and reading and listening helps me break down the process for others. Not a teacher exactly, though I am a writing teacher. Not an editor exactly, though I am an editor. I am a writing advocate because I help people express what they need to say in the written form, whether it’s a business report, an essay, a letter or an application, a thesis, or a short story.

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