Expert Editing for Non-native English Speakers

All levels of academic and professional writing, including:

  • Doctoral Dissertation and Master’s Thesis
  • Cover letter, research statement, teaching philosophy statement,
  • Diversity statement: all the documents needed for an effective job application
  • Scholarship, Grant, and Fellowship Applications
  • Business Proposals

Academic and Business Editing

A thorough review of the document; line editing with comments, including suggestions and models for revision. Analyzing line by line allows me to study structure, form, language, and pattern. With revision, you will have a document with a clear purpose, and with concise and fluid writing that makes it eminently readable. You will learn to recognize your writing patterns, and how to avoid common mistakes in the future. 



A thorough review of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and consistency. In specific cases, such as court reporting, careful attention is paid to leaving text in witness’s own words.


Writing Workshops

Designed for groups of three or more; a heuristic method of examining a requested topic, such as inserting sources, cover letters, speeches, applications, reports, and my personal favorite, the annotated bibliography. Participants are encouraged to reflect on the topic and share their response at the outset for the purpose of social construct of knowledge. I also offer a traditional workshop for creative writers of fiction and nonfiction.  


Writing Circles

Collaboration is the purpose of a writing circle, whether the participants are collaborating on one project, or seeking feedback on individual projects. I act as facilitator to allow this process to unfold and be productive. Leadership skills emerge as participants learn to express the content and purpose of their work, and actively listen and respond to other presenters. Participation brings clarity to the writing process, whether its scope is academic or business.


Are you looking for an editor for academic, literary, and professional documents?

Need an experienced writer who can conduct writing workshops?

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